Technical FAQ

Please review this section before you contact, there may be an answer to your question here.

1. Submitting an Assessment

This error has been happening for Internet Explorer users. Exit the assessment you are in and log in on a different browser, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are good options. You can be logged in on multiple browsers at the same time, but do not attempt to be in the same site assessment in two browsers at once as this may cause errors on the website. Internet Explorer is not recommended for completing the assessment.

If you are ready to submit, click yes. It will take you out of the assessment and back to your provider dashboard.

There will be a place to submit the overall assessment on the top left of the provider dashboard that will appear once you have completed assessments for all of your sites. You can track your progress towards completing all site assessments in the “Sites Remaining” area of the provider dashboard, and if those numbers are incorrect you can adjust them using the “Update Provider Settings” button on the top left of provider dashboard.

If you have saved the information correctly (see 5.3) then the information you entered is not gone. See 4.1 for instructions on accessing an assessment you have already started.

2. Uploading Documents

Blank copies of the site assessment are available that should be referenced before starting the assessment. They indicate the responses that will require documentation and offer suggested forms of documentation. You can find them here.

The categories in Section B are solely for organizational purposes for your convenience, it does not matter which category you upload your files into. They will be grouped in the way you place them when you are asked to choose files to support questions in the site assessment. You should use the blank assessments noted in 2.1 to determine the documentation you need to prepare.

File upload issues are largely due to an issue in your system connecting to the assessment website. Any minor connection disruption can affect uploads where it would not affect something like internet browsing or sending an email.

There are several reasons this can occur; the following are solutions that have been useful to other providers:

  • Upload one file at a time
  • Check that your internet browser is up to date
  • Check that none of the file names have parenthesis or apostrophes in them
  • Do an Internet Speed Test and contact your internet service provider if you are experiencing a slow connection
  • Access the assessment through a different internet connection (usually a different location)
  • Access the assessment at a later time and see if issues in connection have resolved

Note that a successful uploaded file will appear as a link below the category with a check box next to it. Files listed in another manner may have failed. A file that is still attempting to upload will show a blue loading icon next to it. To test whether a file has uploaded, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save Draft” and if a pop-up box appears, choose to go ahead. It is suggested to test this one file at a time so little progress is lost if an upload does fail.

3. Logging in

The email notification may have been caught in your spam filter. Look for an email from in your inbox and junk folder. You should receive an email immediately letting you know your request has been received and another when your account has been approved. Account requests are not processed automatically, but if you experience more than a one business day delay please reach out to You can also attempt to reset your password in order to have a new link sent, see 3.3 for instructions.

The link has either expired or has already been clicked once. You should follow the instructions to reset your password outlined in 3.3.

Try resetting your password using the following steps: 1. Go to and click on “Reset your password” in the bottom of the “User Login” box on the left. 2. Enter your username or email address associated with your account into the “Username or email” field. 4. You should receive an email with a link (check your spam folder if you are not seeing it after a minute) that will take you the reset password page for your account. 5. Click “Log In” and you will be taken to a page where you can set your password. Enter a new password (or your first password) into the “Password” and “Confirm Password” and click “Save” at the bottom. 5. The green text at the top of the page will change to show your changes have been saved and you will be logged in, however you will not be automatically taken to your dashboard, and will instead remain on your account information page. Click on the “Dashboard” tab below the Community Connections logo to go to your dashboard, which is where you will be taken automatically in the future. If this process is unsuccessful, contact for assistance.

4. Resuming a Partially Completed Assessment

You can find your previously entered information by going to the provider dashboard and finding the site you need in the “Partially Completed Sites” section and clicking on the “Continue” link next to the site you would like to enter information for. (Note that this section appears only when there are partially completed sites to display.) If this takes you to the beginning of the assessment rather than where you left off, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Next Section” until you reach the area of the assessment you need. You should find that your information is still filled in as you left it.

5. General Tips

Do not use Internet Explorer, as many providers have experienced issues. Other options include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Do not refresh/reload the page. Leave the page using the directions in 5.3 and then return to it. See 4.1 for instructions on resuming an assessment, and 2.3 if it is an upload that isn’t working.

At the bottom left of every page in the assessment is a button labeled “Save Draft”. Click this and when the save is complete it will provide a notification at the top of the page “Assessment saved. You may return to this form later and it will restore the current values.” Clicking “Next Section” will also save the current page before it moves to the next section. After one of these has been completed you are free to close the page, go to the provider dashboard, or log out. When you leave the assessment via logging out, going to the dashboard, or going to different webpage, a pop-up will check that you want to “leave the site”, click “Leave” as long as you have saved your information and it will take you to the webpage link you selected.

Your provider dashboard is the page that you see when you log in, with the “Provider Dashboard” title at the center near the top. There is also a tab that links to the provider dashboard on every page that is located directly below the Community Connections logo on the top left of the page. If you are in the assessment, save before exiting to the provider dashboard (see 5.3). You will also have to click this to get to the dashboard after resetting your password (see 3.3).