What is remediation?

When an HCBS setting does not meet Kansas Final Rule requirements, they will have an opportunity to address and remedy the areas in which they did not meet requirements. This is called remediation. The steps for remediation are outlined below:

  1. Compliance level determined and setting notified.
  2. Learning collaboratives designed around most generalized areas of compliance. Individual provider corrective action plan process finalized and communicated.
  3. Individual provider action plans prepared and analyzed by KDADS/MCOs.
  4. Evaluation: Remediation deemed effective and provider notified. Second on-site visit to validate compliance.
  5. Termination: Continued non-compliance resulting in adverse action and 180-day notice of HCBS program termination.
  6. Relocation: HCBS customer safely transitioned to compliant setting within required time frame.

LINK: Appendix C – Provider Remediation Plan Template (PDF)