Evidence Guidance

Guidance on submitting policies/procedures and pictures:

Pictures are very valuable to help define what is and is not attached to a setting. They can also assist to validate policy and procedures. For Section C, questions 1, 2 and 3 are dependent on evidence submitted through pictures. Advice on submitting quality pictures is provided below per assessment question listed above.

Beyond Section C, when submitting any evidence, it is important to ensure that it always relates back to a standing policy and or procedure. While many questions might appear as though only a picture can suffice for evidence (example, a picture of a bedroom door with a lock on it to signifying persons served can lock the door for privacy) it is important to note pictures are not policy. Submitting only a picture of a lock, does not define privacy. This is likewise that just submitting a picture of a vehicle, does not define transportation standards. If a picture is submitted, it is imperative that a policy and or procedure document accompanies it, which will assist to actually answer the question.