Deadline Extension Information

We want to thank all those who have been working with us to get your assessments completed—nearly 2,200 assessments have been submitted so far. We know that getting this done has been a challenge. KDADS and our WSU Community Engagement Institute partners have noted that there has been a surge over the past weeks of providers working diligently day, nights, and weekends to get their assessments done. We want to make sure we continue to work with our providers who are still making the effort to complete their assessments. In order to further support the efforts of providers to complete their assessments, we are extending our assessment deadline until 2/29/2020.
We want to stress the importance of Kansas meeting CMS milestones and timeline for bringing the state into compliance with the HCBS Setting Final Rule. This self-assessment is the state’s method for determining the compliance categories for all providers in the state.

All errors and discrepancies in submitted assessments will be addressed in the next phase. Attested and submitted assessments cannot be changed.
As a reminder, this self-assessment gives you and us a baseline of your setting’s current status related to the Final Rule. There is no expectation that all settings are fully compliant at this time. Settings not yet fully compliant will have the opportunity to make changes through remediation following the assessment. Please do not change your practices or policies prior to taking the assessment in order to assess as being fully compliant.

Rapid Response Calls will resume on January 24, 2020.